Monday, 12 October 2015

Minor Project: Character Walk Cycle Tests

I have decided to create walk cycles for my existing characters to establish their personalities. This will make storyboarding and general narrative choices more clear based on their personal decisions.

The character of Brock classifies as the leader of the team, thus giving him a confident stride to his walk. His soft features leave room to experiment with any anatomical or physical barriers during any given situation.

Red has an energetic bounce to his walk which accompanies expressions of determination, while his moustache and 'missing slice' give him an edge of experience and aging.

Potato was designed as an impenetrable boulder of a character, with less intelligence and rationale than the rest. His walk cycle is based on that of a dog or gorilla, using his needle-arms to thrust forward the supporting back needle. This cycle may be changed to a simple rolling animation if the design is restructured to fit the project.
The sweetcorn maintain a bouncy energy to their walk, travelling primarily within their own cluster. Their size and agility will allow them to complete tasks others cannot reach.

Cucumber travels with a level of smoothness and flexibility, not usually attributed to his stiff anatomy. The unrealistic nature of his walk cycle reflects the simplicity with which such an object could physically move.


  1. How charming, Josh! Hope today's tutorial was useful... really keen to see these characters embarking on their adventure!

    1. Thank you - The mixed-media videos have been helpful also!