Sunday, 18 October 2015

Minor Project: Thumbnails & Storyboarding


Since my last tutorial I have been restructuring the story of my animation using thumbnails based on the layout of my own kitchen. This version begins with a bag of vegetables left on the counter, who quickly find themselves destined to return to the fridge in a fight for survival. The veg find themselves encountering their demise one by one as they maneuver through a barrage of appliances, leaving only the broccoli and onion to reach the fridge.The broccoli however slips and drops the onion to the fate of the dog circling the kitchen. With the broccoli finally at ease, we cut to an internal shot of the fridge in which I take a real broccoli and throw it in boiling water. End.


Here are some reference photos I used for the pre-vis model of the kitchen set. The layout seems to create a perfect route to the fridge and has a naturally 'busy' look to it.

Below is a low-res model of the kitchen I'll be using for the pre-vis. This will serve as a basis for the final model and allow me to reference the 3D space whilst creating a storyboard.


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