Thursday, 8 October 2015

Minor Project: Development Thumbnails

Here I began by deconstructing my Character Project and mind-mapping potential narratives and themes for an animation.

Following my tutorials on the project, I started creating thumbnails which transition from the initial setting to a fast food outlet. I feel that the juxtaposition between healthy and unhealthy foods would establish a world that is alien to the characters I have created.

Under the running title 'The Leftovers', the team are thrown away at a fancy restaurant and believe that they are the 'chosen ones' for leaving the fridge uneaten.

When the kitchen of a bustling fast food restaurant shows them the reality of their fate (burgers cooked alive, potatoes cut into chips, etc.), they decide to go back to a fridge.

The team are exiled from the fridge by 'rougher' foods and feel that they do not belong. They are thrown into a 'Happy Meal' box and mistaken for collectible toys when discovered by a child.

Fridge (Internal) & Fast Food Outlet Design

I am still interested in keeping the characters two-dimensional over 3D environments to avoid the 'food world' blending too much into the 'real world'.

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