Thursday, 5 February 2015

Adaptation Project: Character & Style Development

Jekyll's Home: Internal decoration and atmosphere
In Dr Jekyll's home, the ground floor will work as a consulting area and general visitors lounge complete with armchairs and a fireplace. Here Dr Jekyll will be able to converse with patients over current affairs and develop his Medicinal ability. Correctly diagnosing patients will raise the Medicinal ability significantly faster.

On the first floor of the building is his private study and sleeping quarters. Here, Dr Jekyll will be able to make food and sleep for a certain period of time in order to fill the Fatigue bar. The emptier the Fatigue bar is, the more likely Mr. Hyde will make an appearance. This feature will require planning on behalf of the player.

The second floor of the house is Dr Jekyll's laboratory in which you will find his desk, workstation and equipment cupboards. Once your Medicinal ability begins to grow, you will be able to create potions with varying effects at the workstation which will help as the game progresses.

In the attic of the house Dr Jekyll (once transformed into Mr Hyde) will be able to access rooftop locations, making navigating around the city far more easy. Dr Jekyll was not a criminal, therefore any and all misconduct must be carried out under the transformation potion in order to succeed.

Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde: Sketches
Laboratory Cupboards: Spring-loaded presentation
This sketch shows the cupboards found in Dr Jekyll's laboratory, where you will be given the option to either Create Potion, Fill Inventory or Close the cupboard. Ingredients for each potion are stored in their according shelves, though some ingredients may be harder to locate than others.


  1. Lovely drawings, Josh - beautiful! :)

  2. Hi Josh - Nice drawings

    They remind a little of the art for the boardgame 'Elder Sign' - HP Lovecraft inspired.