Friday, 6 February 2015

Infographic Project: Video Hand-In

Art Of: The Career of Mickey Mouse by Josh Aldis

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  1. In terms of production value, graphic language, and animation you’ve managed to capture (with minor variances) the spirit and energy of your subject. In particular the first third (before the first music change) has a good sense of graphic design and layout, the same is also true of the ‘parachute scene’ in the last third (good job). However, your general high level of design ‘dips’ a little in the second third (cinema/ theatre graphics) which use red text and a bordered (theatre) / simpler style of graphics. These are not as clear to read and don’t make full use of the screen – It was possibly the right idea but lost something in the execution.

    Overall from a concept point of view your work is original and satirically ‘brave’ in its look at Disney and Mickey Mouse. It’s at its most successful when it has a ring of truth around your fictional events too. For example when you say ‘Mickey commits suicide’ that is less born out of a ‘animation/ cartoon’ world, when you state that he stared in racist cartoons that is highly likely given the cultural climate of the time in animation. I would also argue that ‘Mickey’s Suicide attempt’ comes too soon in your narrative…it should be towards the end so there was more reasoning behind his decision (his treatment, racist cartoons, Japan etc) and then more weight to his later redemption (In a Christmas Carol) - Unfortunately at the moment the infographic as a whole has a ‘flat/ abrupt’ ending due to this issue and a missing portion of his life up until now.