Thursday, 26 May 2016

@Phil New Designers 2016: Showcase Choices

So these are my choices (with one extra as I couldn't settle on which ones did/didn't work). Obviously my render choices are currently limited as I'm only part-way through the process of relighting my film. Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Hey Josh - thanks so much for getting these up so speedily:) I like them all, with the exception of the blue wireframe and the second storyboard panel. They lack a bit of impact as visual artefacts. Personally, I reckon another closer crop of one of your action-y storyboard panels would be great - and if you're up for a wireframe edition, consider making it a character, so Mr Broccoli as a wireframe - nice and strong on a white background, so not blue as it appears in Maya, but black as a strong visual image - does that make sense? Also - I think the character design sheet would work better if it was on a white background, and in terms of the storyboard images, can you tidy them up a bit so they lose the greyness, and get punchier in terms of pure line art?

  2. also - really like the JA branding - that's a neat combination, but I think you need to embrace that simple graphic style in your banner, and so kill off the thumbnails of your images and just go for your branded initials and a plain banner? I think it could look nice and strong and confident that way.