Monday, 16 March 2015

Adaptation Project: Progress & Gameplay

Basic Gameplay Examples

I created some quick rooftop models to demonstrate the mechanics of gameplay in 'Hyde' (more of which will be submitted in the near future). The previews will entail varied examples of actions changing based on the players' decision.

Hopping Across Chimneys
Running & Jumping
Breaking & Entering
Inner House

UV Mapping

The laboratory scene is currently waiting to be fully textured before ambient occlusion baking can commence. Lighting has been added to Viewport 2.0 as a demonstration of the full textures at current.

Locked Cabinet UV
Central Workstation - Viewport 2.0
Unlockable Abilities
Main Map of London - with Locations
Planning of Execution
Storage Cupboards

Other Work

Laboratory Layout & Social Gameplay
The Art of  HYDE  -  In Production

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