Sunday, 15 February 2015

Adaptation Project: Style & Character Developments

Hyde - Concept Art
 I feel that this drawing is an accurate representation of the atmosphere of the game, whereby the player takes the perspective of the 'antagonist' as well as his corrupt target.

Potion Bottle Designs
I have attempted to design the essential potion bottles to reflect their ability in some way. The 'Hyde' bottle I have designed is curved and distorted to reflect the effects of the transformation potion.

Jekyll & Hyde - Character Thumbnails
 From the quick sketches above, I have concluded that Mr. Hyde should appear more ragged and agile, (see drawing with asterisk) using either ripped cloth or a broken mask to hide his identity. I have drawn Dr. Jekyll with typically slender features, which make him appear fragile but not weak-minded.

Mr. Hyde - Signature Cane
Here I have sketched out an idea for a cane with which Mr. Hyde would administer potions to others whilst remaining unrecognised.

Dr. Jekyll - Concept Art 

Paper-Layered District - Concept Art
 This drawing shows a glimpse of the city map, also highlighting different approaches to entering buildings. I feel that the fixed perspective here (with the ability to zoom in and out) would give the player enough choices to figure out their own strategy in completing tasks. For example, the target may be sitting on the bottom floor of the house above. So, the player may potentially break in through the roof, hide in the lavatory until the target walks past and inject them whilst they're unaware. It would then be the job of the player to venture back to the laboratory before changing back into Jekyll. With this being more of a tutorial task, as the game progresses, so would the complexity of the buildings and the characters within them.