Thursday, 19 February 2015

Adaptation Project: Concept Art & Composition Thumbnails

 (Above Left): Glove design with a cloth overhang to hide syringes fitted between fingers. The needles would release with the compression of a fist to eliminate victims anonymously.

 (Above Right): Potential design for the character of Mr. Utterson.

Transformation of Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde

 (Above Left): Concept art of Mr. Hyde's mask - Bandanna attached to skull wraps around the head with structural web mimicking the layout of the map of a brain.

(Above Right): Dr. Jekyll mixing chemicals in his laboratory.

Possible cane ideas for Mr. Hyde - Mask and cane are locked in attic?

General London District Sketch




 Gameplay Screenshots:

1) Mr. Hyde hiding from the police (Doll-House Perspective)

2) Mr. Hyde skulking about (Isometric Perspective)

3) 'Potion Equipping' menu - Gameplay fades and vials connected to shoulder-belt shift into view for selection

4) 'London Map' view - Access the map in the laboratory to designate a way-point for the smaller map



   Composition Thumbnails: Here I have sketched out some rough ideas for a possible gameplay trailer, which has also helped to establish the layout of the laboratory. The trailer could either reflect the eerie goings-on there using subtle zoom shots and background voices OR the same shots as a police investigation takes place in the lab (after the demise of Dr. Jekyll at the end of the game). 

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