Saturday, 31 January 2015

Adaptation Project: Gameplay Developments

Jekyll & Hyde Adaptation: Opposites and Ideas
In regards to the game-play mechanic of my adaptation, I have considered a variation of possibilities which would coincide with the narrative of the original source:
  • Initially beginning the game as Dr Jekyll, your mission is to develop the transformation potion in order to gain more control over abilities and notoriety.
  • The game deals with the moral consequences of the player. In order to develop his scientific work, you can allow Dr Jekyll to diagnose patients during the day; make certain individuals unwell so they are forced to visit you or deal with the situation as Mr Hyde.
  • The opposing characters will work alongside one another in order to carry out certain missions, but ultimately the player must interpret from character interactions who may and may not be up to no good.
Home/Laboratory and Internal Development
The game would have a fixed perspective camera parallel to buildings of interest and allowing the character to access different layers of the city.
  • Players are eligible to run across the rooftops (Hyde only) in an attempt to reach certain goals more stealthily or walk the streets of London as Jekyll and visit your 'acquaintances' openly.
  • Jekyll's lab & house is built for accessibility to the game, whereas staircases and doorways may not be so easy to locate in other buildings, making stealth a key aspect of the game-play.
Gameplay Concept
This concept shows Dr Jekyll speaking with one of his patients. Patient interactions will be recorded in your notebook, available to review at any time. The game will run on a 24-hour clock which will coincide with day/night cycles in which the player is not given any specific direction, but the opportunity to lead the narrative through choices.

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