Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Online Greenlight Review

Cinematic Spaces: Online Greenlight Review by jaldis1

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  1. OGR 10/10/2013

    Hey Josh,

    There's a confidence and authority to your OGR that's very encouraging - with some very effective thumbnails and some imaginative compositions which suggests you can think 'perspectivally'. In terms of your kitchen image, I actually prefer the second thumbnail on page 2, which just feels more dynamic than the 'one point perspective' colour composition you show later. That said, it does feel as if the inclusion of a foreground element would lend further dynamism to this environment. There is one fabulous depiction of a grand kitchen in cinema you might want to look at for further inspiration - especially if you were looking to deploy colour more boldly: check out Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover:

    I think the 'spectacle of food' should be upped in your great kitchen too - and maybe think about cluttering it more - for example, consider having racks of ladles and copper-bottomed pans hanging from racks, and braces of pheasants and bundles of herbs etc, all hanging and glinting and giving our eyes something to delight in.

    In terms of the attic, I just think you should likewise up the cinematic spectacle of that space - super-size it - right now, your thumbnails are falling between two stools - not quite cavernous or Aladdin's cave enough, so also a bit 'domestic' - a bit 'loft' as opposed to attic of fascinating shapes. Feels to me as if you could go a bit more:

    In regards to your 'architecture' for the castle, I would be interested in seeing you unpick this a bit more; obviously the thumbnails are impressionistic, but in terms of 'designing' the style of the castle, I'd go back at once to real world architecture to avoid genericism and a sort of 'castle, castle, blah blah blah'. Always go back to the real world to ensure visual veracity - for example:'s_College_Chapel_-_fan_vaulted_ceiling_-_Cambridge_-_UK_-_2007.jpg

    In truth, your third castle thumbnail actually looks very 'Industrial Revolution' - more like factory buildings - so yes, it's important to keep looking at real world reference, and that's true of all of your scenes; when in doubt, go back to the world!