Saturday, 5 October 2013

2D Animation - Final College Piece

My final project at college was based around the idea of Urban Life in London, at which time I was very interested in the work of Viktor Antonov. I decided to base my final piece on a roughly dated version of the city, in the style of a vigilante-based video game opening. With my very limited knowledge of Adobe Flash, I wanted to produce a frame-by-frame sequence with a fast pace, which somewhat told the story of a wanted criminal in a way that would intrigue others. I have since discovered many techniques which would have bettered the flow of the animation, but I feel that this displays my potential and eagerness to learn more. For context, the credits shown throughout are fictitious, simply because I felt that it added more of an 'opening-sequence' vibe to the video.


  1. This whole animation was created with Adobe Flash? It's an amazing piece of work!

    1. Every part of it! It was done over several months, and was certainly a strain on my endurance, but considering it was completely self-taught I'm rather pleased with the outcome.

  2. Hey Josh, nice stuff here, love the shadow work.

    I have one tip for you, when embedding videos try to maximise them in the space you have, so that people have the option if they want to just watch the video straight from your blog without having to go off into youtube. You can find these in the settings when you copy the embed code on youtube. It shows off your work better on your blog too :)