Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Obligatory 'Blog Abandonment' Update

Like many before me, I've neglected to keep my blog up to date in pursuit of greater things post-university and as such I am obligated to return with my tail between my legs to post everything I've done in the past few months. Having said that, I haven't made any substantial leaps in terms of my software abilities nor in achieving any ideal career goals (I doubt I'm alone here) so everything is essentially 'practice' work. In terms of Maya, I am certainly working on the many areas in which I am still amazed to have stumbled through to the end without properly demonstrating, so any and all breakthroughs will be documented with great pride, I assure you. I do still have several unfinished film reviews lingering in my drafts folder also and I'm hoping they'll come to fruition once I get my arse in gear. Not to say I've been procrastinating, though! More a case of 'starting a million things and never seeing them through'. Here are some of my favourite models of late:

Castle Town (Day & Night)


Lost Wonder

Subway & Park


Theme Hospital PS1 (Isometric Recreation)

I will try my best to stay updated in the near future! For more illustrative and surrealist work, my format site is To stay as up to date as possible however, my Instagram can be found at

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