Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Major Project: Further Playblasts #2

With 20 days until submission and the animation process coming to a close, I wanted to share some of my favourite playblasts in Act 3 so far. The anxiety/excitement of finally rendering is quickly catching up to me. Music and soundscape posts soon to come, just wanted to be sure I was fitting all audio precisely to the animation itself.

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  1. Josh - I've noticed that you're not paying attention to the spine of your characters. For example in the top shot the broccoli would have his spine bent forward as he starts the jump (crouch / spring up) - then arched backwards in the air (recoil) - then forwards as he contacts with the ground. Bend in the spine is the most important aspect of character animation...it gives line of action. CHeck all your shots to see if you have made the same mistake elsewhere. You should not have 'stiff/rigid' spines in your animation.