Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Major Project: Making Of & Playblasts

Here I've put together some concepts for the final 'Making Of' document, reflecting a cookbook-style layout (including all pre-production art) with annotations. I don't feel it's quite there yet, but I like the playful style of it so far!


Below are some playblasts of the animation in progress which show off the limited flexibility of the characters and how their personalities are beginning to take shape. As the film is dialogue-free, I've had to be meticulous about the details of their movement and the way in which the soundtrack will match up with them.


  1. Hi Josh - forgot to say that the Art Of is looking nice - just always check your spelling etc in any text elements: I haven't spotted any problems, but big paragraphs in Art Ofs always make me nervous...

    Meanwhile... FYI

    1. Thanks for the response! This was absolutely just a first draft so I'll cut out anything unnecessary in due course.