Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Minor Project Hand-In: Making Of 'The Leftovers'

I feel that overall the Minor project has been a gradual process, the result of which ultimately mirrors the ideas and designs presented in pre-production. Though there are still some partial rigging errors, I believe that in terms of modeling I have been able to achieve my original vision and plan to work on any mistakes included in the hand-in.

Overall I aim to make a four-minute animation by the end of the Major project, with primary regard to the successes and faults of my pre-viz. I feel that I am on track to achieve this and plan on adding further quality to the piece through character animation and organized timing.

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  1. Hi Josh, just dropping by to remind you gently of the importance of a) making your progress available for feedback and b) that this aspect of your project development as captured by your blog is assessable content too... Time for an update methinks - and get back into the 'little and often' habit of blogging your project's progress.