Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Minor Project: Complete Storyboard

This storyboard outlines the entirety of my animation, beginning with the introduction of each character as they establish their surroundings. When the cucumber falls ill, the broccoli understands that their only hope is to make a break for the fridge. The arrival of the dog kicks off journey, when the potato is startled and falls backwards into the microwave. The broccoli begins frantically mashing at the interface trying to save him, but he eventually explodes. The remaining veg then jump through a hob fire started by the dog, navigating past the sink and to the final ledge. Here, the broccoli rounds up the veg to jump onto the dishwasher door and run along the top before fully opening. After successfully diving onto the counter, the sweetcorn are then squashed by an unwitting slice of toast. As the broccoli pries open the fridge door, the onion distracts the dog and it eventually opens. The broccoli attempts to carry the onion up the fridge, but loses his arm due to the 'time-lapsed spoiling' of the outside world. With the broccoli finally at rest, cut to myself removing a real broccoli from my fridge and dumping it in boiling water. End.

1 comment:

  1. Well done, Josh - now get it onto a timeline as an animatic asap - as this will prove properly instructive in terms of the story beats and how it's actually going to feel. Looking forward to being able to 'watch' this :)