Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Adaptation Project: Initial Info-Graphic Ideas

The Career Of... Mickey Mouse?

1. In one really bizarre 1930 comic book storyline, Mickey tries to commit suicide in various ways, after he suspects Minnie of cheating on him!

2. Mickey and Minnie are married according to Walt — but only in private.
Do they even like each other or is it an on-screen romance? Do they make more money when they're married?

3. In a 1936 Japanese animated propaganda film, Mickey Mouse’s image was used to represent the West invading Japan.

4. In 1978, Mickey became the first cartoon character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

5. Despite his popularity, Mickey took a 30-year hiatus between films. His last cartoon, The Simple Things, premiered in 1953. He would not appear in another cartoon until 1983’s Mickey’s Christmas Carol.
Did Mickey take a break from acting to spend more time with his wife? Laying low?

6. Mickey’s 1979 disco album, Mickey Mouse Disco,went double platinum.
Mickey's long-awaited comeback in the early 80's.

7. Throughout Mickey's career, he's worn a total of 175 outfits (Minnie's worn over 200)

8. Mickey Mouse only has four fingers, but did you know there are two reasons behind it? The first was that Disney believed five fingers were too many for a mouse. The second was to save the company money.
Perhaps the Mob forced Mickey to remove the finger over money problems.

9. In ‘Trader Mickey’ (1932) Mickey Mouse evaded acts of cannibalism by playing jazz music in harmony with the stereotypical tribesmen.

10. In ‘Mickey’s Mellerdrammer’ (1933) we see Mickey Mouse and his troupe appear in blackface for a production of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’, in which the stereotypes are whipped and hunted down by blood hounds.

11. In ‘Mickey’s Man Friday’ (1935) we see Mickey Mouse befriend a native African character (as depicted in the Robison Crusoe film of the same name) who helps Mickey  build a trap-infested fort to keep the rest of the islanders at bay.
Looking back at his career, Mickey regarded "All the Toons were making these flicks; it was more of a generational thing."

Angles on Mickey Mouse

Light-hearted and endearing

Slightly more risqué and stylised

Unveiling of Mickey's darker past

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