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The Hero's Journey: A Bug's Life

The Hero's Journey in 'A Bug's Life'

Flik, as a unique inventor amongst a colony of drones, finds difficulty in living his according to the mundane boundaries of harvesting grain.

CALL TO ADVENTURE: Threat / Recruiting Warriors
When Flik accidentally destroys the vast collection of food intended as payment for grasshopper protection, the antagonist Hopper informs the ants that they have until the end of summer to collect double the amount of normal grain. Flik takes it upon himself to seek out warrior bugs in order to fight off Hopper and his gang.

REFUSAL OF THE CALL: Opposite Effect
Princess Atta and the council of ants insist on Flik leaving the 'Ordinary World' in the hopes that his antics will not deter the colony from collecting and harvesting food.

MEETING THE MENTOR: No mentor required
Flik has a self-assured attitude towards his journey and thrives on the idea of impressing his colony and their royal leaders.

Once reaching a city located under a trailer, Flik is finally exposed to the real world and begins to develop a sense of independence.

TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES: Circus Bugs and Flies
Flik finds himself in a bar located inside of a tin can (Belly of the Whale) and spots a feud between a troupe of circus bugs and several flies. Flik is sure that he has found the perfect warriors for the job, so when the circus bugs mistake Flik for a talent scout, they are inclined to follow him back to the Ant Hill.

APPROACH: Convincing the Colony
The circus troupe are treated with complete hospitality by the ants and so decide to accept their fake identities as warriors.

ORDEAL, DEATH AND REBIRTH: Bird Attack / Building the Bird
Once accepted by the colony, Flik and the circus bugs are faced with a bird attack which inspires Flik to construct a fully-functioning bird to scare away the grasshoppers from the island.

THE ROAD BACK: Revelation of Circus Bugs / Banishment
During a celebration of their achievements, the circus troupe's ringmaster P.T. Flea arrives to collect them and the colony banishes Flik for failing in his mission. The youngest of the royals, Dot, tracks down Flik and the troupe in order to convince him to stay and operate the fake bird, at which point Flik is reborn and determined to succeed.

RESURRECTION: Ant Army / Real Bird
When P.T. Flea accidentally destroys the mechanical bird, the grasshoppers discover Flik's plan and the colony turn hostile towards Hopper. Flik is kidnapped and saved by Princess Atta whilst Hopper arrogantly taunts the initial attacking bird mistaking it for a mechanical double. He is then eaten by her young and the rest of the grasshoppers are driven off of the island.

Flik's inventions are now appreciated and accepted by the colony, who celebrate in their triumphs over adversity and now live without threat or fear.

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  1. Hi Josh,

    It's a little bit of a stretch but sometimes 'The Mentor' can be an 'ideal' or 'belief' and not a person. For example a fixed principle that's been instilled in a Hero from birth or by an event or a person. In essence he is carrying the Mentor with him. I forget now if that happens in a Bugs Life but its worth thinking about.