Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Fantastic Voyage Project - Initial Ideas

I have chosen to base my project on:

'The Life Cycle of a Fern'

Initially I decided to redraw the cycle and label it with each definition to give me a better understanding of the brief.

I then jotted down a mindmap of fairly vague words related to reproduction in order to inspire ideas. I want to make something that is both educational and entertaining, so I began to revert back to the gruelling science lessons I remember them to be, to figure out an interesting way to remember such complicated processes.

I looked into the anthropomorphisation of popular animated characters, and remembered them all the better for their seemingly interpretive personalities and expressions.

I quickly sketched out an example of my idea, which shows the spores as tiny, furry babies being released from the yawning Sporangium.


  1. Hey Josh - *gentle prod*

    Much appreciated!