Wednesday, 5 February 2014

'Black Beach' Script: Edited

InT. taxi - AFTERNOON (rainy)
MEDIUM SHOT: A sleeping man awakes in the back seat of a taxi and stares out of the window.
EXT. - black beach - AFTERNOON (RAINY)
LONG SHOT: The car rolls up by a beach and the title above reads "BLACK BEACH"
MEDIUM SHOT: The man steps out of the car clutching his hat, with a suitcase in the other hand.
CLOSE-UP SHOT: The man looks up and gasps.
CLOSE-UP SHOT: The center-fold of a magazine is held up in front of the camera, advertising a luxury holiday featuring a picturesque beach with a lone deckchair circled. The caption "You could be here!" is written below.
The magazine lowers in the man's hands to reveal that the beach is a baron wasteland, littered with junk, amidst a gloomy, grey sky for miles around.
WIDE PAN POV: The man scans from the far left horizon to the far right, and back again.
LONG SHOT: The car starts to drive away. The man tries to stop the car, hailing his hand and running after it.
LONG SHOT: We see the man from behind, running briefly as the taxi drives away.
MEDIUM SHOT: The man's hat flies off as he runs towards the camera. He stops and pants miserably as his hat whirls off into the distance. Moments later, he pats his head and realises his hat has blown off.
MEDIUM SHOT: Turning quickly, he extends his hand and begins to run after it.
LONG SHOT: The man follows his hat along the path and down the steps onto the beach, running past the camera.
POV SHOT: The man runs along the beach after his hat, extending his arm out in an attempt to grab it.
CLOSE-UP SHOT: The man runs towards the backwards-rolling camera, looking worried and exhausted.
POV SHOT: The same shot continues now that the hat is closer and the man makes a final grab for it.
CLOSE-UP SHOT: His eyes close as he trips and falls.
MEDIUM SHOT: From the ground, we see the man drop hard onto the sand.
POV SHOT: Eyes start to heavily blink open, showing a sideways horizon of the ocean. The camera follows the POV SHOT as he stands back up and brushes himself off.
POV / EXTREME LONG SHOT: He raises his head to reveal a figure stood in the distance and we hear a gasp, then nothing but rainfall.
CRAB CLOSE-UP: The man pants quickly, now with dirt covering his face and clothes. His hair is now curving around his face due to the rain, and his expression - terrified.
POV / EXTREME LONG SHOT: The distant figure remains still, but footsteps in the sand begin to appear closer and closer towards us, with one lone track dragging in between them.
POV SHOT: The camera pans down to his feet, where the sand tracks suddenly come to a halt.
POV SHOT: Quick pan up to reveal The Barrowman - a silent, cloaked man in foggy, round glasses and a top hat. His hands grasp the two handles of a wheelbarrow.
POV SHOT: Slow pan down to the wheelbarrow in which the man's hat can be seen perched upon a messy pile of upturned ice-cream cones.
POV SHOT: We now see through both of The Barrowman's foggy lenses, pausing on two identical shots of the man through tunnel vision, whilst listening to The Barrowman's heavy breaths.
MEDIUM SHOT: Both men stand at either side of the shot with the wheelbarrow in center frame. The Barrowman grunts suddenly and quickly pushes the wheelbarrow into the man.
CLOSE-UP SHOT: The man gasps.
POV SHOT: We see the man's shaking hand slowly reach out to take the hat.
EXTREME CLOSE-UP: The Barrowman's frown turns into a creepy smile.
POV SHOT: The man's hand jumps back as The Barrowman growls and shakes the wheelbarrow violently.
CLOSE-UP: The man looks confused and desperate.
CLOSE-UP: The Barrowman, still violently shakes the wheelbarrow.
POV SHOT: Through his lenses, we watch as the man grabs one of the ice cream cones and shrugs in panic.
CLOSE-UP: The Barrowman stops and all is still for a moment.
OVER-THE-SHOULDER SHOT: From behind him, we see that the rain has frozen in mid-air and all that remains moving is the puzzled man.
MEDIUM SHOT: The camera now faces the ocean, which appears to be rapidly moving inland.
CLOSE-UP: The man turns and stares up at the approaching tide.
LONG SHOT: We see the man from behind, staring up at the wave, blocking out the view of The Barrowman. The shot continues as the wave sweeps the man away, leaving behind only the wheelbarrow.
POV / EXTREME LONG SHOT: From under the water, we see a packed beach on a summers day, distorted by the rough waters.
CLOSE-UP: The man desperately holds his breath, extending out his arms in an attempt to be saved.
POV / EXTREME LONG SHOT: Same beach shot, which twists and fades into darkness.
POV SHOT: Eyes start to heavily blink open, showing a sideways horizon of the ocean. The camera follows the POV SHOT as he stands back up and brushes himself off.
Looking down at the puddle below, the man realises he has become The Barrowman.
Looks over shoulder to see holiday-makers arriving in a taxi. The man gasps.


Essentially I have removed certain elements and tweaked the ending in order to better my story.

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