Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Like-for-Like Storyboard: Requiem for a Dream

This film is renowned for it's use of quick-cut editing as an efficient way of displaying drug abuse in a way that informs the audience of the resulting chemical reactions. This scene also uses various audio clips which coincide with the visuals which, as a whole, reflects the flash-in-the-pan nature of addiction.

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  1. fascinating choice - and I love the fact that you're producing more 'like-for-likes' - at first they just seem like some bland, mimetic exercise, but they're very educative in terms of sensitising you to film construction and visual storytelling - good stuff. Looking forward to seeing your reviews on here, Josh - don't save them up, just let your blog buzz with new content, fresh updates and your insights; with this term in particular, it's so important to 'eat the elephant slice-by-slice'... :)