Friday, 17 January 2014

Character Design + Ideas

These character designs stemmed from the original influence maps of the project. I now have a rough idea of the look and atmosphere of my animation, in particular the salesman character. I have deduced that he is the ghost of an ice-cream salesman who haunts the beach he patrolled in life.

The design of this character has developed into a combination of several other eerie characters known to wear glasses. The upturned ice-creams resemble a pit of spikes in order to show his malice towards the living, which also heightens the grotesque nature of his being. Since the animation will be along the lines of sinister and creepy, I am considering a black and white animatic which should hopefully increase the haunted atmosphere.

Characters listed in relation to mine:

I am confident that my character will not blend into genericism by the time he is completely refined.

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