Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Secret Lairs OGR

Cinematic Spaces: Secret Lairs OGR by jaldis1

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  1. OGR 08/11/2013

    Evening Josh,

    Thanks for being so patient :)

    Okay - well, wow, that's some doodle in the margins of a well-known legend - I like it! Medusa's cyborg daughter given life by lightening, protector of vulnerable women everywhere... I like all of this very much - very bold - so I suppose I'm a bit disappointed by the lair and hero prop - both of which seem, well, generic, and in no way reflective of your fascinating character. The thing I'm most reminded of when I read your character bio is comic books, because this reads very much like an 'origin-story' of a particularly lurid 'super-villain' or nemesis. It's got all the ingredients; an innocent victim of new technologies twisted by tragedy and taking revenge against authority... I can imagine Wonder Woman going up against her for a grudge-match. The idea too that she has survived since ancient times is another fantastic element that presses comic book buttons. For me, there's something a bit 'passive' about her white, neo-classical lair somehow - stately, but empty - and the bed just doesn't seem to be a hugely challenging or interesting as an object-in-waiting. It doesn't tell us anything about her mission or her quest or her character; it's again rather a 'passive' object in this respect.

    I'm just wondering if you need to embrace the essential 'larger than life-ness' of your creation here; she feels powerful and wronged and very DC/Marvel. Okay, you didn't get 'super-villain' out of the blue box, but this metallised spawn of Medusa feels like someone's foe - or at least she should be. If so, the idea of the 'secret lair' suddenly brims with lots of production design potentiality - classicism meets Stan Lee - and now her hero prop is equally up-for-grabs...