Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Secret Lairs OGR II

Secret Lairs OGR II by jaldis1


  1. OGR 21/11/2013

    Hi Josh,

    Madeus - I like her! A feminist icon in the making! I like too the big, bold origin story - an ancient creature given new and terrible powers via high-tech salvage. Your concept art is highly effective in combining horror tropes with sci-fi stylings, and I suppose my only nit-pick would be the 'IKEA' like cabinet of the altar area in the immediate foreground; the lighting picking up on the doors and handles is handled wonderfully - but does draw attention to the 'ordinariness' of this bit of production design - as if the wrecked shuttle has a domestic sideboard stowed in it! I'd just like to see this component given a bit more creative attention. Also - your current composition positions your hero-prop at the furthest point from the viewer - which seems odd considering its importance, and also the time you're going to invest (and have invested already) in creating it. Perhaps think about the means by which you might invert this ratio in terms of your final composition. I'm thinking too - just a suggestion really - that if this is a downed shuttle, then maybe there's an opportunity to make visual recourse to Madeus's snake-like ancestry; for example, with wires hanging from the ceilings, or ducting snaking across the floors; you could use these kinds of elements to evoke the spectre of the gorgon of ancient times! Another thing to consider might be the introduction of some accent colour/lighting; the monochromatic green absolutely says 'witch', but arguably a bit of 'HAL 9000 red' might lend further menace...

    Generally - v. excited to see this translate into CGI, Josh.

  2. roll up, roll up!