Monday, 14 October 2013

Master Study #1

This master study shows the work of Ivan Laliashvili compared with my interpretation below. I chose to paint a complex, natural piece with vibrant colours to display a mix of tones and textures, which I believe has bettered my understanding of rock formations.


  1. Hi Josh,

    Could you complete a personal declaration form (available in the CGAA office) and give it to Campus Registry + your passport, so they can make a copy asap? I'm just chasing down a few student blanks before the trip can be signed off. If you've already done this, it might be that you're showing as a blank because the form you did fill out was somehow incomplete - if so, could you pop into Campus Registry and see what they're missing from you? Cheers!

    1. Already gave my passport but I'll see about the form, thanks!