Friday, 27 September 2013

Thumbnails #2

Continued thumbnail ideas, now featuring concepts for The Attic, Fuschia's Room and The Room of Roots.


  1. Wow Josh, these look very awesome! 19, 21 and 24 are my favourites! They really feel like environments that could actually exist : )

    Keep it up Josh, great work so far!

  2. Agreed, some really lovely environments here :)

  3. Hello Creative partner, I too am doing Gormenghast :)
    I have to say I really like 21 and 22, I think 22 could really suck the viewer in maybe with some branches and vines creeping across the image? as in they could be blurred slightly to give a foreground effect rather than everything in one place? and 21 i just think is beautiful, especially as the animal sculptures are made with different colours you could have a 'stain-glass-window' effect within them, Im thinking of the emerald horse that Rottcodd adores? you could have rainbows bouncing around the room :)