Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Final Machine

Finally, we have my concluding machine design, which I have always imagined to be an abstract coffin, or perhaps a specially designed sleeping chamber for a vampiric being. I particularly like the shape and positioning of the pipes which take the rough form of the human heart.


  1. Hey Josh,

    Phil has assigned me to be your mentor for the first several weeks of the course. So you'll see some comments and opinions on your blog from myself and anyone else that wants to let you know what they're thinking. One piece of advice to start off, get used to criticism. On here it will be only constructive criticism so don't take any offence and use what you think will be to your advantage to create the best that you can.
    Anyway, I'll be in uni friday to present to you newbies, in the meantime, if you have anything you want to ask, here's my blog so you can leave a comment or my email so you can message me directly.


  2. Hey, you should try and post your stuff up regularly to create a buzz around your blog :)

  3. Hi Josh - see link: