Saturday, 28 September 2013

Artist Research: Viktor Antonov

Viktor Antonov is a Bulgarian concept artist and art director, whose chief designs to date include video games such as Half-Life 2 and my personal favourite, Dishonored. His character design in particular has an incredible realism to it, whilst also maintaining playful exaggerated features to expose more of their personalities. Were it not for Viktor Antonov, I would not have explored the medium of digital art nearly as thoroughly, as I found his style in particular perfectly reflects the level at which I one day aspire to be working. I have previously used his work to inspire ideas for an animation I made for my final piece at college, since he himself stylised the game Dishonored on an ‘alternative Victorian London’. Antonov generally works on dark concepts, which often relate loosely to the steampunk genre.

(Antonov, 2012) Environment Design (Dishonored)



  2. me again!

  3. Hey Josh, good to see some discussion about inspiration. Half Life 2 was a pretty incredible creation in terms of art directions. And Dishonoured followed in a similar way, really creating atmosphere based on the art style. Your thumbnails are developing really nicely and you seem to be exploring perspective which is great.

    Try sketching with traditional paper and pencil, it might help you relax around the process more and get ideas out very quickly without worrying too much about a final image. Great work so far though :)